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    London | Newcastle
  • Digital Imaging Technicians
    Fully Autonomous Mobile DIT Unit
  • Editing
    Award Winning Editors in a Range of Formats and Genres
  • Productions
    Including: 'Once More for Bobby', 'TT2K' and 'Electricity EPK'

What We Do

Whatever the size of your production, we can tailor a solution to suit you.


Our labs are designed uniquely for each production and can range from laptop wrangling set ups to graded dailies. Each service level provides ingest and Q.C. as standard and the rest of the workflow is negotiated based upon your requirements.


We are award winning editors and have suites in operation in London and Newcastle and provide services in editing, grading and delivery.


At Fantomeline we have a deep interest in storytelling and have history of producing award winning, innovative documentaries. We also make EPK videos for film and television.

We Can Tailor a Solution to Meet Your Needs

About the Company

Flexible, mobile, approachable*

We are a small company of DITs, most of whom have come from a background in post production. This means we have a deep understanding of the workflow for the edit and beyond and can devise a workflow to suit.

We started in Newcastle and then word got to Manchester that we were in business up North. Soon we were being requested in London too and that is how us Northerners came to the capital.

We are mobile! As well as having a base in London from where we co-ordinate projects and run a post production suite, we also have two DIT vans and that means we can work anywhere in the country. We can also work further afield and recently, productions have taken us to Sweden, Morocco and Indonesia!

*Research has shown that the Geordie accent is the most friendly and most likely to put you in a good mood - Bloomberg, Sitel

DIT Services

  • Sound Synching

  • Transcoding

  • Dailies Grading

  • Digital Delivery

  • iPad Dailies

  • On-set LTO Archiving

Meet Our Team

Michael Pentney

Chief stottie-eater. Comes from the same village as the Hairy Biker - the Geordie one.

Villing Chong

Speaks Chinese with a Geordie accent. Likes skating and surfing. Will knit.

James Mustard

A tea drinker, a father and all round really canny.

Stephen Hedley

Waving the Fantome flag up in Newcastle. He's the only one of us who's been in the Sulawesi Sea.


Gentleman dog - never seen in public without his bow tie.

Work with our award winning team

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  • Floor 2, 17 St Anne's Court, Soho, London. W1F 0BQ
  • info@fantomeline.co.uk
  • 5 Charlotte Square, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4XF

  • 0203 538 2425
  • 07815 892812